The Belle of Bali

Well, if you’re in holiday Bali is one of the favorite tourist destination. The Bali island is the tropical island and has beautiful panorama and the friendly people. Bali is the island have so many beach. The beaches are many characteristic and type. Bali beaches are location surround area in Bali and their has white clear sand and black plain sand. Now there are 5 most visited beach in Bali.

  • Kuta Beach

Who doesn’t know the Kuta beach every tourist who come to Bali have to visit Kuta beach. Kuta beach famous about the white sand and beautiful panorama of sunset.

In there you can also learn how to surf and the coach is local people. if you’re thirsty or hungry there are many shop.

  • Sanur Beach

If Kuta beach has sunset, Sanur beach has the sunrise. Sanur beach has two different characteristic white sand and black sand. Many name of beach within Sanur beach such as: Padang Galah beach, Matahari Terbit beach, Segara Beach, Sindu beach, Karang beach, Indah beach, Hyatt beach, Mertasari beach an so on.

In Sanur beach you can doing activities like jogging, cycling, fishing, water sport, sun bathing and many more.

  • Lovina Beach

Lovina beach location in north of Bali in Singaraja regency. Many tourist come here to see the dolphin but if you’re want to see dolphin you have to wake up earlier. You can sleep on surround area of Lovina beach. there are many villa or home stay you can choose with local architecture.

In Lovina beach you can doing activities such as: fishing, jogging, sun bathing and yes! see the dolphin in the sea.

  • Dreamland beach

Dreamland beach location in Pecatu, Badung regency. Dreamland beach has characteristic with white clear sand and good wave for beginner to learn surfing.

In Dreamland beach you can doing activities like sun bathing, swimming and also surf board.

  • Padang-Padang Beach

If you ever watch movie “Eat, Pray, Love” the shutting location in Padang-Padang beach. Padang-Padang beach has unique thing. It’s the stair down go to the beach. The stair like stair going to paradise because in the end of stair you can see the exotic beach.

In Padang-Padang beach you can do activities like sun bathing, swimming and also wasting time to see the amazing beach.

  • Pandawa Beach

Pandawa beach location in Kutuh, Badung regency. Pandawa beach is the new amazing beach in Bali. The access to go to this beach is nice. the road are cross the bong rock of hill. The Pandawa Beach there are statue who was the Pandawa brother and his mom’s Kunti. That why this beach named Pandawa beach.

In Pandawa beach you can doing activities like sunbathing, play canoe, swimming, any kind of water sport in there. In there also have the seaweed farmer.

There are much of amazing beach in Bali, and now I can explain you a little bit about Bali beach hope you enjoy your trip and holiday



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