Amazing 10 Extreme Bali Adventure

Holiday in Bali not perfect and not be awesome if you’re not try the extreme adventure and the extreme nature in Bali. For you the extreme adventure will be amazing to improve your adrenaline. Bali has many spot-spot and the facilities to carry your adventure soul. So check this out the extreme adventure.

  • Canyoning at Gitgit Waterfall, North Bali

Gitgit Waterfall is about 11 kilometers from the township of Singaraja. Featuring a number of smaller waterfalls as well as the impressive 40 meter high Gitgit, it is a popular spot for tourists to take some happy snaps as part of a tour. But why photograph something from a distance when you can experience it up close and personal?

Gitgit is a great canyoning spot for those looking for a bit of everything. If you like to test your physical endurance and agility, canyoning combines rock climbing, river trekking, cliff jumping and abseiling in one.  Add some water slides, natural springs and amazing scenery and you have yourself a perfect Bali adventure.


  • Jet Packs, Fly board, Tanjung Benoa

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be Ironman or Astro Boy flying from the ground and up into the air? Well, strapping a Jet Pack on your back and being lifted up to 30 feet into the air at 30 miles per hour may be as close as you’re going to get (for now).

flyboard 2

The Jet Packs use water as a high-density propulsion fluid that can lift you up and thrust you forward above the water’s surface. There are also Jet Bikes that are basically the same thing, but instead of strapping one to your back, you sit on it like an extreme futuristic jet ski.

  • Bali Paintball

The cliff top arena is made up of three separate playing fields that stretch over two hectares of Balinese terrain. Expect to commando roll your way through natural undergrowth as well as custom-made hideouts, obstacles and bunkers.


In the rainy season, lush green trees will provide you extra cover for doing some recon, but in the dry season, expect more scrub and dry surrounds. Boasting the latest imported equipment, military-styled camouflage jumpsuits and double-lens face protector Annex masks, the Bali Paintball Arena is a great place to unleash your inner Rambo with a group of family and friends.

  • White Water Rafting, Ubud

If, like all good adrenalin holiday makers, you are looking for some river rapids, Ayung River is the place to go. Start from north of Ubud and make your way west along the stream towards the Amandari Hotel.


If you like it wild, makes sure you plan your trip during wet season (November to March) as heavy rainfall means a more extreme experience. The rapids here are classed between 19 and 25 Class II to III, which means they can be full on, and not life threateningly dangerous.

  • Flying Fish, Tanjung Benoa Beach

Here’s a wild idea: strap yourself into a rubber boat attached to a speedboat and flap and fly into the air like a flying fish.

Three rubber banana boats are combined together with “wings” on either side so that its shape actually looks like a fish fin. Each boat has a capacity of three including a guide in the middle as balance is key to getting some serious airtime.

Wisatawan bermain wahana Flying fish yang ditarik oleh speedboat di Tanjung Benoa, Bali, Selasa (14/4).

  • Paragliding,

Soar like an eagle along the shores of the Indian Ocean by the picturesque Bali cliffs of Timbis Beach. Every year, from May through to October, the southerly trade winds blow in off the Indian Ocean and allow for a 12 kilometer flight above the beautiful turquoise sea.


Take off from the top of a cliff and enjoy a bird’s eye view of Southern Bali from Nusa Dua to Uluwatu. There are a number of operators that offer tandem flights and special deals so you can have your pick of seasoned professionals to fly with.

  • Climb Gunung Batur

Gunung Batur is Bali’s most active volcano, letting off steam and unsettling tremors spontaneously to keep the island’s residence on their toes. In the past, Batur has had a number of small eruptions every few years, with the last main eruption taking place in 1963.

The active area of the volcano, just west of the main peak, can be deadly and is prone to unstable surfaces, spurts of steam, sulphurous gases and explosions of lava. However, the vista surrounding Batur is a geological marvel, which is why it is still a popular trek with tourists.


The scene here can be a bit feisty as well, so hang on to your belongings and do a bit of research before selecting a trekking agency and guide – there can be some lively competition for your business between local setups. The Swashbuckler’s Club Adventure Tour has a great action-packed running tour that encompasses climbing Mt Batur as well as white water rafting, jungle and beach runs, and a visit to see some elephants and baby turtles.

  • Bali Treetop Adventure Park, Candikuning

If you can’t remember the last time you felt the wind in your hair while soaring through the air on a flying fox, then check out the Bali Treetop Adventure Park and feel it once again. Situated within the Bali Botanical Gardens, this open-air adventure park has seven adventure circuits and 72 challenges that are linked from one tree to another by cables, nets and swings. The family-friendly park has a range of different circuits for every age and comfort level.


If you want to get your extreme Tarzan on, opt for the Adrenaline Black Circuit that will have you swinging, flying and jumping from trees as tall as 20 meters.

  • ATV Quad biking, Ubud

Fancy a bit of extreme sports, but exercise and pushing your body to its utmost limits isn’t your thing? Then hop on an ATV and let the Quad bike do the work for you. An ATV Quad bike is basically a four-wheeled motorbike that can handle a range of natural terrains, making it a great tool for sightseeing.

Taro is an awesome place for Quad biking as you can roam through local villages, plantations, the jungle, the countryside, a bamboo forest and more – all on the one Quad track. Taro village is also close to the Ayung river, so you can double up on the extremities by combining some quad biking and white water rafting.


Bali Taro Adventure Tours offers package deals that include both ATV and rafting. Just remember to bring a change of clothes, particularly in the wet season as quad bikes can splash mud around like nobody’s business. Exhibit A:

  • Motocross, Central Bali

Dirt bike riding allows you the freedom to explore remote Bali, while satisfying your need for speed. Take a half-day tour or opt for the more extreme off-road endurance tours that last for 3-4 days. A dirt bike can go where tour buses cannot, so it’s an ideal way to see more of the “real” Bali that Bali-lovers are always talking about.


This is the new extreme sport in Bali. There are many village or dirt land to be your Motocross adventure. Like in Serangan island and surround area in Bali also have the dirt extreme motocross venue.

Well if you like the new adventure and the best experience during your trip in Bali. Let’s come and join with us!


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