Skeletons Ancient Man in Bali

Holiday in Bali isn’t always about the best nature and the unique culture. Bali has more than that. Bali has many historical place and heritage. One of the historical place and heritage is the museum. Bali has many museum and today I would like to inform you a little bit about the ancient museum in Bali. Here is it!

Since 1963, a research has been made in Gilimanuk by the experts in Indonesia, among others, Prof Dr. R Soejono and Prof. Dr. T Jacob. Results of these studies found that hundreds of human skeleton living at the end of Prehistory to the hallmark features of Mongoloid race. Based on the results of research and as one of the ways to save and utilize the archaeological findings, the Jembrana government established a Museum of Ancient Man at Gilimanuk and it was completed in 1993. The collection on display in the Museum of Gilimanuk are the result of excavation including human skeleton, beads, bracelets of wood and shells, small pot, jars, jugs, earthen bowls, hook, trowel, sarcophagus et cetera.

In the Museum of Ancient Man Gilimanuk there are a total of as many as 210 pieces of the collection include 137 pieces of ancient discovery of a human skeleton and the other a collection of 73 pieces of wood and shell bangles, beads – beads, small pots, jars, jugs, bowls of ground, hook , trowel and a sarcophagus.


Museum of Ancient Man is build with three floors, on the first floor there are sarcophagi and ancient human skeleton. Every ancient human skeleton that includes Mongoloid races are usually found in the form of body position that resembles a baby in the womb is associated with the current belief that human life is made up of three cycles of birth, life, and death. On the second floor there is a Museum of Ancient Man bronze trowel is used for agriculture, hunting and used as stock grave. It also comes with a trowel beads – beads, pottery and axes were used as stock for hunting. Bronze trowel there are two types of heart-shaped and oval-shaped. While there is a museum on the third floor of kitchen equipment are like pottery, plates, shells and accessories such as beads – beads and earrings.


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