A Wonderful Place to Relax in Bali

Bali with the beautiful nature, the sacred tradition, the friendly people are make tourist enjoy spare their holiday in Bali. If you talk about Bali, Bali is the island of paradise in the world. Now I would like to inform you the one of hidden beach in Bali. Here is it!

Bali poses an island with domination of beautiful and exotic beaches. One of them is the Virgin Beach, a hidden paradise, located in Karangasem County in East Bali. This beach belongs to the one that has not been commonly explored by many travelers. This beach is even nicknamed ranging from the White Sandy Beach, Prasi Beach to Virgin Beach.

Strategic location between two cliffs behind the Bugbug and Perasi Hill causes the beach to be slightly hidden. To reach the location, travelers must cover a distance of about 1 km from the main road to the town of Karangasem. However, the condition of the road infrastructure to Virgin Beach is steep and remains not good.

Bay the way Virgin Beach of Perasi Beach has goo characteristic beach, Virgin beach has white clear sand and not to busy by tourist activities. So come to Bali and waste your holiday to explore the Virgin beach. Fishing? you can also fishing in this beach. The activities you can do are swimming, sunbathing, fishing,  surfing, and many more.

There are many beach in Bali you can enjoy to. Well, Thank You. Happy Holiday!


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