The Sensation Will Never Forget in Bali Ocean

Fishing from year to year, it is increasingly in demand by many people, both for beginners and professional. Waters in Bali is attractive to people who want to feel the sensation of fishing, as for a variety of sport-sport fishing in Bali that we offer:

  • Sanur
  • Serangan Island
  • Nusa Penida
  • Tanjung Benoa
  • Gianyar
  • Karangasem
  • and many more

In Bali you can also do some fishing activities and there are many spot you can choose. The fishing sensation in Bali are different than the other spot because in Bali there are many species of fish in Bali sea. Here is the fishing activities you can choose!

  • Bali Jigging Fishing

Tourism type of jigging we offer from our long experience jigging in Bali, we find many places throughout Bali proven jigging, from dogtrot jigging, ruby-snappers, Amber jacks, and many others. We have the gear on board that has been prepared for you. Everything is equipped with 80 ponds class and all metal jig used to be heavier than 400 gram to 600 gram.

  • Bali Popping Fishing

Most targets GT (Giant Trevally), including also we catch various types travelly and snapper. This style of fishing is recommended for experts. Bali has some great places for fishing GT. Success depends on how we can predict and identify the water situation. Where some bait into the reef, this type of fishing takes half a day or one day, we suggest taking a single day so had more time and opportunity to catch the giant GT.

  • Coral Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing techniques was fishing on the sea floor, one of the easiest systems possibilities that we learn to catch fish in a very long time with a stationary boat. Bottom fishing is target fish at the bottom of the water, such as: sucker fish, catfish, bream and others. In some places the waters of Bali is equipped with a road for bottom fishing. The goal is the same but a different way, if you put the bait on the bottom and put bait in the present life. For now you may take into consideration the different tastes of the way they are presented.


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