The Beauty on The Eastern Tip of Bali Island

WOW!!! That shouts when we reach this place. As you can see, a stretch of green grass-lined trees and wrapped sweet breeze swept cliff east coast of the island of Bali is a moment makes me stunned and speechless.

Well! This was “Bukit Asah” or Asah Hill, a place “exotic” in the east end of the island of Bali so outsiders can. It is located 58 kilometers to the east of Denpasar, it’s about 1.5 hours. But you should use a motor that is not of the type “Matic” because of the road conditions after of the Road Kingdom Village Bugbug less friendly to the location: damaged, has hole. The atmosphere at Bukit Asah really quiet because in addition to its location at the threshold of a cliff, their own location away from settlements and only surrounded by local people planted plantations by crop corn and peanuts. Here you can find three spots to enjoy the view:

bukit asah 3

Location 1 and 2.

When entering the fork in the road is still a land, you may choose to turn left and will reach the eastern side of the site most visited by travelers. At this point you can look at the cliffs of the east side, and if you are willing to walk a little bit to the south you will be able to enjoy views of the Indian Ocean wrapped rows of coral and small islands.

Location 3

Location 3 it is a quiet place and very precise west side you use for camping because this location you will be given a bonus in the morning Sunrise and Sunset. Really does make a wish “Brainwashing of the noise of the city”. This side of his condition ramps so that you can easily set up a tent or just sitting enjoying the beach breeze during the day and enjoy the stars at night.

Well, for your information today here camping are disable because most people before are camping here are leave their rubbish here, so now you can’t camping here. Save The Planet. Don’t leave your rubbish. Happy Holiday!


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