Indonesia with Fascinating Marine Animals

Indonesia is one of the maritime country and has large ocean and the beautiful panorama of underwater. Most of the Indonesian ocean has good ecosystem to the environment, animal life and also human life. Here is the beauty animal you can find in Indonesian.

  • Pygmy Seahorse

Sea horses are just as big as 1 cm is very clever in hiding and follow the pattern of colors according to his house giant sea fans. Color of the sea horse is the change in accordance with the giant sea fan in their home.

  • Octopus Mimic

As the name implies, Mimic Octopus has the ability to emulate many marine animals, such as: Seahorse, Fish blisters chicken, sea snakes, and flounder. This mimics the behavior in use to survive. Predators that pursue this octopus usually always be fooled by the trickery of this octopus. This new octopus in found in 1998 in Bunaken.

  • Mantis Shrimp

Unlike the two animals on the use of illusion as a means of defense, Mantis shrimp use great strength to survive. Mantis shrimp use both legs to break shells. The second leg has strength of .22 mm. no wonder this shrimp earned the nickname “the destroyer fingers” among divers.

  • Banded Sea Kraits

Although not aggressive toward humans, is extremely poisonous sea snakes. Has been proven, that the strength of the venom is more powerful 10-fold compared with the cobra. This snake venom victims usually only have 3 minutes to live (including humans) because of the strength of venom.

  • Manta Rays

Manta rays are the largest family among all rays. Stingrays have the ability to cruise high and tail venomous as a means of defense. These fish can grow to the size of 7 meters. Although the size is very large, manta rays eat the smallest organisms in the ocean, the plankton.

Although the animals are mentioned above has a great ability to survive, but they’re in a tight spot. They are desperate because of the increase in coral damage and increasing garbage dumped in the sea. Excessive harvesting of sea foods also affects these animals, so let help preserve our oceans. Save the environment and have a nice Holiday by doing a good activities. Thank You!


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