Through the Forest and Enjoy the Beautiful Lake in Bali

Holiday for some people is a needed thing to do when they have free time and certainly enough money. This time I will share holiday experiences. On the New Year’s holiday I took time to explore the tourist attractions in Bali. And one of vacation I chose to spend vacation time to add knowledge and my experience was like an adventure. So I opted for trekking in the area of ​​Bedugul, Bedugul precisely in the forest through the forest to reach the lake Tamblingan. Why I chose trekking in Bedugul?

Because the forest in Bedugul region has a fairly challenging trekking trails for adventure tourism enthusiasts. Besides the diverse flora and fauna add to the beauty of this Bedugul trekking in the forest and is suitable for people who do like adventure holidays. Trekking begins with pick-up at a predetermined location and then towards the starting point to be given a short briefing. On the way I met different types of interesting flora and fauna. Large trees that can be seen along the way are very grand and beautiful and you can take a picture. You can also get closer to the plants in the rain forest in Bali. Medicinal plants will also be found along the road in the forest. Besides the air at the time of trekking is also good, I really like this kind of activities. After reaching the finish point we can enjoy and try to explore Lake Tamblingan with traditional boats. During enjoy the beauty of Lake Tamblingan interspersed with coffee or tea with snacks Balinese delights. After enjoying unspoiled natural Bali at the end of the trip has been provided lunch and you can enjoy it while enjoying the natural atmosphere Bedugul cool.

We wish to benefit as well as an incredible experience in Bali. Thank You. Happy Holiday!


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