Marvelous and Impression Adventure in Bali

As people know, Bali has so many tourist attractions. But some of tourist attractions have not discovered yet by the tourist. Besides of beaches, rice terrace, mountain, the temple and garden, Bali also has the unique tourist attraction. Today I would like to give the information about the unique tour you can enjoy during your holiday in Bali. Here is it!

It’s Elephant Park which is located at Taro Village, Tegalalang district, Gianyar regency. Elephant Safari Park is an arena where the tourist can interact directly with the protected elephants. The elephants are also reproduced in this location. Some of elephant species are the best elephant that sent from Sumatra Island. There are so many activities that tourist can do with the elephants such as take a picture with the elephant; bath the elephant, also feeding them.

Elephant Safari Park was established in 1989. The idea of establishment came from a couple named Yanie and Nigel Mason. This couple was struggle hard to build and then developing this elephant park until now becomes really famous and always visited by local and foreign tourists.  Elephant Safari Park has a beautiful view with total area of 3, 5 hectares and has a purpose to give a comfortable and securable feeling toward the elephants inside the park.

Bali Elephant Safari Park Taro is giving a tour such as: elephant safari tour to across the area of Elephant Safari Park with the natural jungle and the river also. The tour must be awesome because the tour are doing in the morning and the instructor of elephant will tell anything about the elephant and the safari tour also. If you’re tired don’t worry about it in Elephant Safari Park there are some facilities

Elephant Safari Park completed with various facilities start from restaurant, souvenir shop, museum, hotel, information centre, spa, boutique, and rest area. In this Elephant Safari Park also provides swimming pool for you who want to take a rest and swimming. In this park also have huge parking area.

Well, that’s one of adventure tour you can enjoy during your holiday in Bali. Hope you enjoy the information.

Happy Holiday!


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