Best Destination in Penida Island Bali

Nusa Penida is one of island among the two other islands range which are Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan where Nusa Penida located at the most right side of those islands range. Nusa Penida is an island that located in southeast part of Bali Island and separated by Badung bay. Nusa Penida is included into Klungkung regency that has a history in babad bali (a set of genealogy). There are many destination that we can visit in Nusa Penida. Here are 4 well known spot you can visit in Nusa Penida.

  • Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida

Atuh Beach is exactly located in the tip southwest of Nusa Penida Island. The location is a bit hidden from the settlements. To reach Atuh Beach, we have to go down through the small path between cliff and valley on the left and right side during your journey to the beach. Therefore, we must be really in well condition to reach out the location, and we kindly take the journey in a bright day so it will be more safe and avoid us from the slippery road and slipped down because of a low visibility.

Characteristic of Atuh Beach is indeed attractive, seen from its terrain that is still natural and located between cliff and valley, you might be really good to imagine how nice the scenery at Atuh Beach. Atuh Beach could take as a charismatic beach because this beach has a geological condition which is hilly and has a coral with unique shape in the middle of the beach. The shape is like a shoe, approximately located 200 meters from the shore. The cliff is becoming an attractive scenery between the rolling waves. The scenery of Atuh Beach is really great if it seen from the top of the cliff. There are bush shrubs on the cliff that increase the color contrast over the blue ocean.

  • Pasih Uug Beach, Nusa Penida

Pasih Uug Beach or usually called as broken Beach, Nusa Penida is a unique tourism area. By its name “Pasih Uug” (Balinese language) it means as a beach that already broken. Although the meaning is broken beach, this destination object precisely become a very unique and attractive tourist destination.

Pasih Uug Beach might not really different with Uluwatu Tourism Area in Bali Island. It is just in Pasih Uug Beach, there is no tourism object available like a temple or monkey. But, the scenery in Pasih Uug Beach is just same as beautiful as Uluwatu area. In addition, Pasih Uug beach is way more calm and cozy because the location is far from the settlements. To visit Pasih Uug Beach is not have an entrance fee until this time. The destruction of this area is precisely become a great attractive area. But there is no place to sun bathing. People are commonly go there to only enjoy the panorama instead.

  • Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay, that is the name of the beach that located in southwest part of Nusa Penida. This appellation is sounds like western word but it is not too much because it has a clean water as clean as crystal so that we can see the coral reefs and sea biota from the surface of the sea water. The beach overlay with white sand along 1 kilometer that surrounded by green hills and a cluster of little atoll makes Crystal Bay become the most favorite tourist destination.

Crystal Bay Beach located in Penida Bay, exactly in Banjar Penida, Sakti Village. The mileage from Nusa Penida port is atound 15 kilometers with 30 minutes of journey. The beauty of Crystal Bay is more increasingly feels because it located on the overhanging location towards the land with a little island in the middle of it. On the left side is bordered with a cape of hill that makes this beach protected from the waves. The little island that located in front of the beach has a total area of less than 1 kilometer. It also become a natural protector from the brunt of the waves which quite ferocious. The more special of this beach is inside this little island there is a Sad Kahyangan Temple named Penida Temple.

  • Seganing Water Spring, Nusa Penida

Seganing is a water spring that located in Banjar Sebuluh, Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida district. Sebuluh can be reached 1 hour from the downtown of Nusa Penida (Sampalan). From Sampalan, we can take the direction to Toyapakeh and then go up toward Sebunibus then go toward Bunga Mekar. Because of road condition that really narrow and perforated so we must be more careful to ride our vehicle. Moreover there are also some quite steep climbs. After arrived in BAnjar Sebuluh, the journey continued by entering footpath that only can be through by motorcycle.

Seganing Water Spring located on the bottom of the cliff, approximately 300 meters from the edge of the cliff with the tilt almost 90 degrees. 10 minutes of first journey is not challenge yet, because the terrain is still easy to take and the steepness is not seen yet because of the leafy trees. After that we will faced with the cliff without any leafy trees that is really steep. To make the visitor down the cliff safely, the local people make a fence lining the cliff that made from local wood of Nusa Penida which is Kembang Kuning wood that is really strong. This fence is well known as “Ancong”. Besides that, local people also make a handhold so that the visitor can hold on each other. This water spring was initially become water source for local people but it is just become fishing spot and in any chance the local people do mendak tirta ceremony in this place. The maintenance of the road is also keep doing by the local people. The water is clean and fresh and it really tempt people to visit this place, everything is still natural and far from boisterousness of modernization.

Well, beside the above tourist destination in Penida Island there are many more tourist attraction you can visit and enjoy the holiday in Penida Island. Happy holiday! have a good day.


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