Having Fun and get Marvelous Experience with Outbound Activities

Hello from Bali! Hope has a nice day. Well great day for traveler today because I would like to tell about the one of tourist attraction in Bali there are give you new experience about holiday in Bali. Beside the beauty scenery nature and panorama also Bali Island has the adventure activities and that be great because you can enjoy your holiday within the amazing experience you will get. Here is it!

For you travelers who interest about adventure you have to try and join this tourist attraction.  Paintball is one of the adventure activities you can choose during your holiday in Bali. One of the company are giving you chance to fell the war and getting motivated and team work is Paintball Bali Pertiwi. Paintball Bali Pertiwi is located in the destination tourism activities in Bali. Location in a large area has a fresh and clean air, pristine natural scenery that can refresh you, very easy to reach and very close to the tourist centers in Bali such as Nusa Dua, Kuta, Canggu, and Ubud.

Paintball Bali Pertiwi at Bongkasa Village could be categorized as outbound spot in Ubud. It takes only 15 minutes from the downtown. There are so many adventure facilities for outbound in Bali such as paintball, ATV ride, and Cycling. To add outbound program that usually wrapped with team building themes, one of those adventure really suitable as a combination.

There are kind of adventures that provided by Bali Pertiwi Paintball:

Paintball: Shooting with a gas gun, which the flexible bullet will burst and left the patches behind on target. There is provided special arena, like a military-style war. Special clothing and protective vital organs (eyes) will be distributed as a facility of this program. And before the war, the guide will briefed on how to shoot that became one of the rules and the game category.

ATV Ride: ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle or commonly known as Four Wheeler. A vehicle with four wheels which not using the steering wheel like a car, but using the handlebars like a motorcycle. Complete with forward and backward transmission to adjust the direction of its speed. The track will be difficult enough as you have to pass through the rice field, forest, and another challenge spots.

Cycling: Cycling activity usually be fancied by the bikers, meanwhile cycling adventure in Bongkasa must be a good choice for you who want to feel the village atmosphere, cycling around the rice field, where you can see some villages in Bali along with people inside.

You can choose the adventure activities for me the best is choose the ATV Riding and the Paintball, because ATV Riding to around the village, river, field, jungle is my favorite. Paintball one of game is giving you chance to get great team work and communication during your team on company. Well, spend your time and your budget to going holiday in Bali and try amazing experience during holiday. See you at Bali!


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