The World Heritage of Traditional Fabric from Indonesia

Hello, hope you have wonderful day! Well today I would like to tell about the one of unique art and culture come from Indonesia. As we know Indonesia has much the unique thing can interest the tourist to come to Indonesia. Except the beautiful nature and the friendly people of Indonesia, Indonesia has the art which poured to the fabric and make a beautiful theme and design. The masterpieces of art are made by human and spend lot of time to make it. Well, here is it!

Batik is the one of traditional fabric from Indonesia and has a liker around the world. Batik becomes characteristic of Indonesia. Most of government offices in Indonesia are use the Batik for work day. The United Nation Agency in the field of education and culture, UNESCO, had determined Batik as one of Human Inheritance for oral and non-material culture since October 2, 2009.

Natural materials such as cotton or silk are used for the cloth, so that it can absorb the wax that is applied in the dye resisting process. The fabrics must be of a high thread count (densely woven). It is important that cloth of high quality have this high thread count so that the intricate design qualities of batik can be maintained.

The cloth that is used for batik is washed and boiled in water many times prior to the application of wax so that all traces of starches, lime, chalk and other sizing materials are removed. Prior to the implementation of modern day techniques, the cloth would have been pounded with a wooden mallet or ironed to make it smooth and supple so it could best receive the wax design. With the finer machine-made cotton available today, the pounding or ironing processes can be omitted. Normally men did this step in the batik process.

Well, if you want to know more about batik process and the tools are use, just come to Indonesia and most cities in Indonesia has the batik fabric also. The best is on Java in Yogyakarta and Solo. Batik is good souvenir for traveler who vacation in Indonesia. Hope you enjoy the information. Happy holiday!


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