Place in Bali Bring You to The Best Sea Experience

Hello! Hope you have a wonderful day. Good day to tell to you all about the experience during holiday in Bali. As people know, Bali has so many tourist attractions. But some of tourist attractions have not discovered yet by the tourist. Besides of beaches, rice terrace, mountain, the temple and garden, Bali also has the unique tourist attraction. Today I would like to give the information about the unique tour you can enjoy during your holiday in Bali. Here is it!

While you are on holiday to Bali and vacation with the kids, of course you will be looking for attractions in Bali attractive and make your children happy. There are three places in Bali can bring you to exploring and experiencing dolphin life while observing and learning about wild dolphin. They are Peninsula of Benoa in South Bali, Lovina Beach in North Bali and Dolphin Lodge in Serangan. To watching Dolphin in their original habitat, you can choose spot in Peninsula of Benoa and in Lovina Beach. Both of these places enable you to watching them directly in ocean. For those who want to see the dolphins live in the ocean, the best place to watch is the Lovina beach. Of course, to reach the coast of Lovina, you will need as long as three hours in a vehicle, if you depart from the southern region of Bali. Most tourists do not like a long journey, and will certainly be an obstacle, but Bali dolphin lodge in Serangan provide another alternative to see dolphins in Bali.

Dolphin Lodge in Serangan Bali is one of the activities that we can recommend to you. Dolphin lodge attack was a breeding dolphin Bali. From Ngurah Rai International Airport will take 30 minutes under normal road conditions. It’s not so far so the children will not be exhausted in the vehicle. In the dolphin lodge you can swim with dolphins Bali, so do not just watch. Your kids can directly interact with the dolphins, such as kissing, hugging, and of course you can immortalize the moment in the photograph. For approximately 40 minutes, you and your children can swim with dolphins in Bali.

Well, the best experience during holiday you can get by visiting the Dolphin Lodge in Serangan Island. So, on next holiday with the family come to Bali and try to interaction to the mammal of the ocean. Happy holiday! See ya.


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