Unique Thing You Can Find in This Bali Beach

Hello Guys! Hope you have a nice day. Bali is the well known islands in all over the world with the beaches and around scenery. Bali has so many white sandy beaches that already famous and continuously visited by tourists. But white sandy beach seems like too mainstream nowadays. There is some black sandy beach in Bali. The unique thing also you can find in these black sandy beaches in Bali. Here are the excellent black sandy beaches in Bali.

Have you visit the Goa Lawah Temple in Klungkung Regency? If you have visit the Goa Lawah Temple, this beach is located close to the temple. The name of the beach is Kusamba Beach. Kusamba Beach is a sloping black sandy beach in Klungkung regency area that located not too far from Goa Lawah temple, around 2.7 kilometers toward western part. Kusamba Beach area has the waves that relatively calm. The wind blow is not too strong so that it is quite comfortable to stay at the shore of Kusamba Beach. Activity in outrigger boat was quite living an atmosphere at Kusamba Beach, which has quite great beach landscape.

Kusamba Beach has ever been one of the principal ports of Klungkung Kingdom. The name of Kusamba itself noted in Klungkung Kingdom history as a historical place where Klungkung Kingdom’s troop successfully seized back Puri Kusamba from Dutch’s hand. The beach landscape of Kusamba Beach is long and the smooth back sandy beach decorated it well. There is no pier at Kusamba Beach but stay there in the afternoon before sunset is a perfect time to spend.

There is a traditional salt making in area of beach. The unique thing can be discover at this point is salt making. The salts are produced traditionally by the local people using primitive tools from taking the seawater, sand leveling tool, water filtration equipment and salt drying equipment. The salts produced at this place are very good quality salts with the grains of salt coarse texture and high iodine containing that are good for health. Not also that, there are some traditional boat called “jukung” are in this beach. So if you’re holiday and vacation to the Klungkung Regency and visit the Goa Lawah Temple, visit Kusamba Beach is the best choice after visiting the Goa Lawah Temple and fell the atmosphere of this beach. Happy holiday!


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