The Incredible Adventure ATV Riding in Bali

Hello traveler! Hope you had a wonderful day. Great day tell experience during holiday in Bali. As we know Bali is the one of favorite tourist destination in the world. Bali Island with the beautiful scenery of nature and the unique tradition and culture make tourist come to Bali. Beside the nature and the unique tradition and culture, Bali also has the activities to burn and increase your adrenaline. The adventure activities in Bali are the favorite by tourist who loves the adventure activities. Some adventure activities you can enjoy in the nature like: trekking, hiking, cycling, ATV riding, rafting, and many more. Here today I would like to tell my experience during holiday and join the adventure activities in Wake Adventure and join the ATV Riding.

Well, Wake Adventure is one of the favorite tourist adventure activities in Bali. Located in Keramas Village, Gianyar Regency. There are some adventure activities you can enjoy in Wake Adventure such as: Paint Ball, ATV Riding and also swimming with dolphin. Here I choose the ATV Riding. Well, there is some schedule to doing the activities, in the morning at 9.30 am until 3.30 pm at the afternoon. We must be at the place 30 minutes before the starting time we choose.

Wake Adventure ATV Riding there is some vehicle you can choose start from the 250 cc to ride single or tandem and 700cc single ride and tandem also. First at the place we can train the ATV about 15 minutes in the training track. The safety is the first; don’t forget to use the helmet to protect your head. After we finish training in the training track, we continue to the marvelous track in Wake Adventure. First, we through the beautiful rice field of Balinese farm, feel the good weather and awesome atmosphere. Continue to the through the river. On this river the ATV Riding sensation are the best felling, Through the river and get wet and mud in our cloth and face is the ATV Riding give. Well, continue to the rice field and in the finish point the beautiful black sandy beach are waiting for you. Finish point in the one of beautiful black sandy beach in Bali. The beach is Keramas Beach; Keramas Beach is one of favorite beach for surfing also. Through the beach and fell the weather of the sea and see the beautiful sunset.

Well, don’t worries about the program is including the welcome drink, sock, boot, voucher 50k, towel, and free T-shirt and the insurance. So prepare yourself to the next holiday to join the ATV Riding at the Wake Adventure. I suggest the best day to come and join the ATV Riding at Wake Adventure is in the Wet Season, because the track is muddy and wet, the make more burn our adrenaline. Happy holiday to you all!


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