Adventure Above The Ferocity of The Ocean Waves

Hello from Bali travelers! Bali is one f the island that has the beautiful scenery nature and unique culture and tradition. Bali Island is the island with the beautiful beaches, lake, mountains. Beside the nature there is also the tourist attraction like: the temple, traditional village. The activities you can enjoy in Bali are heterogeneity start from the adventure, spiritual, private activities, sport and many more. Adventure is one of the favorite activities doing in the island of thousand temples. Well, today I would like to inform to you one of the favorite tourist activities during holiday or vacation in Bali.

Have you tried the flying fox adventure activities? Here today I would like to give you the information the new venue of flying fox in Bali and it’s become new experience during your trip in Bali. Cries of tourists heard clearly from flying fox rides games built around Bloo Lagoon Beach, Hamlet Ceningan, Klungkung. The flying fox rides at other locations in Bali, or even in Indonesia. Flying fox rides Ceningan Hamlet is arguably the most extreme. The game rides stretch about 100 meters and is on the brink steep with a height of about 30 meters. The tourists who would do this game will glide above the ferocity of the waves of the Indian Ocean and the steep cliffs of the island Ceningan.


This game is ready for test rides adrenaline for anyone who dared to try it. This vehicle was built last October by a foreign national of Australia. It turns out this game rides got great enthusiasm on the island Ceningan.  A day there were about 25-30 people who try to ride this extreme game. Traveler’s dominant try this game is domestic travelers and Australia. Domestic tourists are the most daring and most enthusiastic to try this game out of the vehicle tourists from other countries. Because of relatively extreme, flying fox’s game is prioritizing the security aspect.

Vehicle safety standards have also been following the international standards such as the use of a rope sling 2 layers and protective helmets. This vehicle also we service 2 times during the week. We also have to apply security standards, so that the vehicle is completely secured. For local tourist who wants to try these extreme rides will cost 50 thousand rupiah and for foreign tourists will cost 100 thousand rupiah.

Well, Ceningan Island is the one of the favorite tourist destination in Bali. Come and prepare yourself to enjoy your holiday in get new experience adventure. Happy Holiday!


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