The Culture of Batik Indonesia in The Form of Gold for Collection

Hello Guys! Hope you have a wonderful day! As we know Indonesia is the country with many islands and the beautiful nature and the sacred tradition. Indonesia is the one of favorite tourist destination in the world. For the culture and tradition Indonesia has much of culture, from the Aceh until the Papua. Beside the unique culture, Indonesia also has the marvelous and rich of their natural resources. From the good quality of wood and the oil and also the mineral from the earth it’s gold. Natural resources in Indonesia is the one of favorite in the world, well gold from the Indonesia nature has the good quality and today I would like to inform to you the gold product come from Indonesia and can be your collection or souvenir. Here is it!

Antam (Persero) Tbk raise the culture of batik Indonesia in the form of gold. Therefore, PT. Antam is officially present the innovation of mixing production between noble metal (logam mulia) with batik pattern. Antam production of gold bar special edition displays four patterns of batik Indonesia which are Parang Barong, Sidomukti, Mega Mendung, and Kawung Picis.


Introduction of batik motive value will gain the aesthetics value of gold bar production to all investors or collector of gold bar itself. By the launching of this batik gold bar, Antam wished to preserve cultural value of Indonesia that contained in the form of gold bar. Not only as infestations, can this gold bar special edition also be a collection.

By the presence of batik pattern on a gold bar, so the uniqueness will attract many noble metal lover or batik lover. This gold bar with batik pattern was present in the fraction of 10 until 20 gram. This product also can be bought in every gold boutique in Indonesia. The price of gold bar batik pattern started from IDR 5.580.000 per 10 gram while it cost about IDR 10.765.000 per 20 gram.


Well, the gold product from Indonesia has good quality for your collection, so if you’re on vacation in Indonesia this product can be good for you.


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