Ask for Peaceful, Safety, and Prosperity in This Temple in North of Bali

Hello from Bali traveler! Hope you have a wonderful day. Great day to telling about one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Bali is well known with island of thousand temples. Temple is a holy place to Hindus that functioned as a place to worship The God with all manifestation. Temple in Bali is purified, but still can be visited by tourists to see the beauty of temple itself. The purpose of those tourists in addition to enjoy the fascinating reliefs on the wall, tourists are also interested because of temple has its uniqueness that another places did not have it.

Pura Dalem Melanting or Melanting Temple is located in north coast of Bali Island, include in Banyupoh village area, Grokgak district, Buleleng regency, around 50km toward western part of Singaraja city.

Melanting Temple is a religious and culture aspect which the existence is really important in Balinese life especially for merchants. The word of Melanting derived from two different words which are “Mel” and “anting”. Mel means garden or crops and Anting means hanging on the rope. Melanting is a place of crops offering that dedicated to Ida Ayu Swabawa as Bhatari Melanting (a Goddess of market).


Melanting Temple commonly built in every market in Bali, therefore every trading activities between the seller and buyer always connected with Melanting Temple. Most of people that pray at Melanting Temple is merchants that ask for peaceful, safety, and prosperity while they do their works so that they can get the maximum profit as expected.

Pura Melanting Buleleng is a majestic temple and located in the middle of the jungle. The atmosphere around this Melanting Temple is so beautiful, the surrounding nature landscape also beautiful and the temple itself looks stands strong and majestically.


Once you arrived to this temple you will welcomed with stairs on the right and left sides, and there is dragon statue from the top corner of the stairs until the down corner with the head of dragon in the first stairs.

From the inside of Melanting Temple, we can see a cliff that stands strong above it. Those cliffs will turn green when entering rainy season. The scenery at Melanting Temple is really great because the location of the temple is in the middle of the jungle but still can reached by private vehicle.



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