Beautiful Waterfall in North of Bali You Have to Visit

Hello traveler! Hello from the Bali Island. Bali Island is the one of favorite tourist destination in the world. Bali is famous by the unique tradition and the beautiful scenery nature. Bali Island is the cultural island in Indonesia. Well, Bali is not only serve a tourism spot such beaches, lake, or mountain area. However, Bali also has so many beautiful places that have its own attraction for local or foreign tourists. Most Area of Northern Bali is indeed well known with its waterfall existence. Here today I would like to inform to you one of the best waterfall attraction you have to visit if you’re holiday in Bali. Here is it!

There are so many attracting waterfalls; one of the high waterfalls is Jembong Waterfall. It is located in Ambengan Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency. Jembong Waterfall can be reached in 2 hours journey by car from Denpasar area, and it only takes 15 kilometers from Bedugul tourist destination.


The existence of this waterfall is a bit strange, not as famous as Gitgit Waterfall or Sekumpul Waterfall. However, Jembong Waterfall also had great and beautiful scenery. Things that make Jembong Waterfall look different are waterfall flow is not perpendicular as other places, but flows in a slope of 75 degrees, so that the falling water doesn’t sound thunderous. Because o that, visitors can enjoy the landscape and atmosphere more relax and calm.


Jembong Waterfall offers a different beauty, located between villager’s chocolate garden; there are also tropical trees around. To reach the location of Jembong Waterfall is only need a bit effort, we have to step up through cobblestone road between chocolate plantation and we’ll arrive at the location. It is easy to be accessed, no need to rent a guide also special equipment. Visiting Jembong Waterfall can be a sensational hiking experience.

Once we arrived at the end of the journey to Jembong Waterfall, the beauty will completely felt right in front of our eyes. The water flow looks obviously clean and falls in the pool with the depth of 1 meter. The water is as clean as crystal, so it tempt everyone to try the freshness and the coolness this waterfall.


Jembong Waterfall is a waterfall which derived from natural spring. Aside of that, this waterfall suitable to be enjoyed either for a photo session or to only feel the freshness of waterfall. To enjoy this waterfall, we have to step up through some stairs and the entrance ticket cost for only IDR 5.000,-. There is bathroom provide to cleanse our body after soaking in this waterfall.


In Ambengan Village it offers thick landscape with rural shades, also at some part of this village looked some rice field that is really beautiful. The atmosphere will be different if we visit this waterfall when holiday season, especially after Hindu Feast Celebration such as after Galungan and Kuningan Day, so there will be more visitors that come in either it is local villagers or surrounding people.

So, be preparing you self to the next holiday to Bali and get the new experience for your vacation in Bali. Happy holiday!


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