Having fun with Animals and Amusment Park

Hello from Bali travelers! Hope you have a wonderful day. Great day for tell about experience during holiday in Bali. Besides the marvelous beaches and the beautiful scenery of panorama, Bali has many attraction or tourist destination. For the nature Bali has one of the best in the world and for the accommodation as many type and has the unique thing also. The combination of the luxury accommodation and the marvelous nature and the facilities spot is making the tourist come and enjoy stay and spend holiday in Bali. Today i would like to tell you about Taman Safari and Marine Park Bali


Do you like animal or want to have fun in amusment park with green atmosphere? Taman Safari and Marine park is the answer for having fun with animal and also having fun with fun rides around safari and Amusment park after finsih sightseeing. Located in Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra, Gianyar regency, around 17km from Denpasar or 30KM from Kuta.

Safari in bali contain many kind of animal , its around 2500 animal inside here. and for the amusment park they have Cart , Merry go round , Ghost house , magic show , roller coaster, Etc. Not only safari and amusment park , Taman safari 3 also have pool which have a long slide, mini train that crosses African style Village , Bird park , Baby zoo

Taman Safari Marine Park Bali 7


Taman Safari and Marine park bali also provide lodge for people who want to enjoy all attraction of Taman Safari and Marine Park. The room rate for 1 night around Rp 3.000.000,- already include breakfast. The lodge provide Air Conditioner, Safes , Mini Bar, Pool , Hair dryer , toiletries , TV , Balcony and many more.


Taman safari and marine park also have good quality restaurant , the food is delicious and the service is great. you will having dinner or lunch accompanied by lion . but no need to worry because the lion are outside restaurant.


For you traveler who visit bali with family and want to have fun family outing , i really recommend you to visit Taman safari and Marine park bali.



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