Beji Temple − Another Beautiful Temple

Enjoying Balinese Beautiful Temple with Ancient Curving

The Location of Beji Temple

As we know Bali has Subak, subak here refers to the organization for water supply or irrigation for paddy field. Every subak has a temple, it’s called by Subak Temple. In north Bali, there is one unique Subak Temple, it is Beji Temple. This temple is located in Sangsit village, (the district of Sawan) and it is about 8 km east of Singaraja and about 500m to the beach from the main road. If you from Denpasar its about 3 hours or 85km. It is easily asses sable by any type of motor vehicle.


The Unique of Beji Temple

Beji Temple was built in 15th century when the Majapahit Kingdom was growing. Subak Temple is a holy place for worshiping Dewi Sri the Goddess of rice and the symbol of prosperity. The temple is picturesque and full of ornamental carvings mostly in the form of rambling plants and floral motives as is the typical style of Buleleng. The most significant thing in this temple is that every surface has a carving so it is extremely artistic. Moreover all of the carvings are painted thus making this colorful temple very unique. The temple also features a bit of anachronism, the two statues of Dutch musicians, each holding a guitar and a rebab.


Public Facilities in Beji Temple

The name ‘beji’ in the local language signifies purification by way of holy water, and it so happens that the Pura Beji temple was built over a well. As the other temples in Bali it is divided into three courtyards, the outer courtyard then the middle and inner courtyards. If you are entering the temple you are advised to wear sarong and sash. There are many public facilitates such as parking area, toilet, food and drink stall. So, you can enjoy north Bali ornament with unique carving, and know oldest Balinese architecture.


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