Bali Shell Museum

Exploring the Bali and Indonesia’s Only Shell Museum

Bali Shell Museum’s Location

Bali Shell Museum located at Sunset Road Street No. 819, Kuta that has thousand types of shells. The location of Bali Shell Museum is very easy to reach, because situated at large roadside, and the unique shape of the building is different from other buildings. You will see a building with a striking signs is located at the top of the museum in the form of wave-shaped ornaments with a large inscription “Bali Shell Museum”.

Bali Shell Museum Information


Bali Shell Museum opened in 2009 as the only establishment in the Indonesian archipelago that houses shell varieties of unimaginable shapes and sizes, including 100 year old fossilized specimens and items converted into fine art. The total area of this museum is 1.500m2. Bali Shell Museum divided into three floors;

1st Floor

At the first floor you can discover many shells accessories with beautiful gallery. This floor has a function to be art shop which sale many  beautiful shells souvenir.d it’s where most of the exquisite items here are available for purchase

2nd Floor

At the second floor there is a documenter film that playing about marine life and you can also discover various types of shells, with different size and age. All of shell collections in this Museum are taken from all over the world. On this floor the collections is dominated by various shells fossil and sea animals from around the world which has hundreds millions age.

3rd Floor

At the third floor you can see marine museum and also has various types of shells such as starfish, sharks, sea urchins and ‘Cypraea Moneta’ that very shine. Supposedly said, this shell is used as a means of payment in the pastYou’ll also notice a pair of statues of Rama and Sita, the main characters from the Ramayana epic, made up of an approximate 30,000 tiny shells.


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