Alas Jagasari Temple

Visiting Another Balinese Ancient Temple in Gianyar

The Balinese people is known for its hospitality, they are a religious community. Most of them are Hindus, and always active in religious events. There are many Hindu temples in Bali, which is called Pura. Some of this place has become a beautiful tourist spot. One of them is Alas Jagasari Temple.

Alas Jagasari Temple Information


Alas Jagasari Temple located in the village Penempahan, Manukaya, Tampaksiring, Gianyar, Bali. Alas Jagasari Temple is a holy place which has its own uniqueness. This temple is a combination of the Bale Agung and Pura Puseh. Interestingly, around the temple is lined by small forest that contains a variety of plants for the purpose of religious ceremony is usually held in Alas Jagasari Temple itself. The architecture of this temple is similar like the architecture of Kediri Kingdom in 11th century.

Alas Jagasari Temple History


This temple was built in the 10th or 11th century AD where during the Old Kingdom of Bali, Warmadewa. It is estimated the form of the building in this temple around pretending Pura Pegulingan, Pura Mangening, and Pura Tirta Empul. In addition, the existence of this temple is also written in an inscription in the temple Sakenan Manukaya which is written in inscriptions and names Panempahan and Wharmadewa when determining regional and predicate status or exempt from tax area. There are two ancient statues that are trusted by local people the manifestation of King Warmadewa or Sri Kesari Ratna Earth Banten and also Empress Mahandradatta or Gunapriya Dharmapadni.

Conducting Religion Activity


The 1st President of Indonesia, Ir. Seokarno came to this temple for meditation and conducting some religion activities. There are some of the facilities here, such as the hall and a lot parking making it easier if you come here by bus. I believe you will fell the relax when you visiting this temple.


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