Puri Lukisan Bali

Enjoying  Balinese Traditional Painting and Traditional architecture

Puri Lukisan Museum is a painting museum located in Campuhan Street, Ubud, Gianyar Regency. It is situated in the center of Ubud, just about 5 minutes to the west from Puri Saren (Ubud Palace). If you are from Kuta area or Ngurah Rai International you must take 1,5 hours or 40 km.

Puri Lukisan Museum Information

Balinese Gate ” Candi Kurung”

The museum is designed with Balinese traditional architecture combined with a neat garden which creates a relaxing atmosphere. Puri Lukis Museum was opened by Mr. Moh.Yamin, the Education and Culture Minister of Inonesia in 1956, it is the oldest art museum in Ubud. The museum building is U-shaped, in the center of the museum, there is a fish pond with beautiful lotus flowers. This museum consists of three different buildings and each building displays different types of paintings.

Consist into 3 building

One of Puri Lukisan Museum’s Building

The first building collects paintings from Ubud and the surrounding villages. The paintings include classical Wayang or shadow puppetry paintings, ink drawings by I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, as well as paintings by Pita Maha artists. Classical paintings from the 1930’s are also displayed in the first building. The second building features some colorful examples of the young artist style of paintings and also a good selection of modern traditional combination paintings. And the third building displays classical and traditional paintings, this building is also used for special exhibitions.

The Painting of Balinese Barong Dance 

All of the collections in Puri Lukisan Museum have to describe in English, therefore foreign visitors can understand each painting well. Tourist facilities are complete in this museum such as a cafe and bookshop. This museum is opened daily from 09:00am until 17:00pm. The lush garden and quiet situation far away from the crowd makes this museum an ideal place to visit and see the beautiful paintings from great artists. Puri lukisan museum is the best place to avisit especially for painting and art lovers.


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