Bias Tugel Beach

Another Balinese White Sandy Beach with Awesome Waterblow

If you need some quite and natural place while having your holiday in Bali, you can visit to the eastern part of Bali, Karangasem Regency. This regency offer some quiet and peaceful places, one of them is Bias Tugel Beach.

Bias Tugel Beach’s Information

Bias Tugel Beach located in Padang Bai Village, Karangasem Regency or 57 km from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport. The word bias means sand, while the truncated mean Tugel. So Tugel Bias beach means sand beaches truncated. This is because the area of the beach is not so wide on the right and left flanked by a sizable rock. The beach is relatively small beach with white sand and can be categorized as one of our beautiful beaches in Bali. This name is given to this beach because the coast is flanked by big coral. The local people usually call this with Padang Bai Beach.

White Sandy Beach

If you want to visit this beach you must go to Padang Bai Harbor, and walk around 500 meter from the harbor. You must walk down footpath relatively steep and rocky. It will take too much energy, but the panorama will pay all you energy. A stretch of white sandy beach with clear blue sea water will make you life like in heaven. High cliff on the right and left of the beach makes this place isolated from the adjacent beach. It is suitable for family holidays for those who bring children. Parents will easily keep an eye on their children when playing sand, because visitors around the relatively deserted beaches.

Snorkeling & Surfing Spot

Majority of visitors come to Bias Tugel Beach for snorkeling and surfing. Waves on the beach the waves are high and long. Natural life under the water was still very natural, with the dazzling coral reefs. Various kinds of ornamental fish come say hello snorkeling lovers. Bias Tugel Beach has big wave and has awesome under sea life. Beside of that, this beach offers the water blow which is similar like water blow in Nusa Dua.


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