Bali Best Fishing Spot

Trying the Amazing Sensation of Fishing in Bali

As we know, Bali has many beautiful beaches which located in around the Bali. Beside of that, Bali has many amazing fishing spot that offer the best experience. Besides the many special spots to get the fish, the scenery and the atmosphere are very awesome and it is not only for fishing but relaxation also.

Serangan Beach

You must move to 250 meters from the coast of southeastern Bali and you will find the perfect fishing spot. It is called Serangan Beach. The types of fishing are basic fishing and surf fishing can be done here. It is recommended to use wooden boat when going fishing fairly for 2-3 people. Enough 200-300 meters alone can be a strategic place to get grouper, Giant traveling, rabbit-fishes or layur. The waves were quite stable and it becomes an advantage in this sea fishing.

Tanjung Benoa

If you are in the Tanjung Benoa area and interest in fishing, you must go to Tanjung Benoa port or dock. Both places are the favorite fishing spot in the Tanjung Benoa area. The type of fishing that is applied is the Jigging and basic fishing. Types of fish are often found here are grouper, barracuda and layur. This area is relatively strong wind blowing. To achieve both these places quite easily. Both of places are adjacent and located at the end of Denpasar which is also a barrier between Bali and other islands.


If you’ve ever eaten seafood at Jimbaran beach, you would have been able to suppose why Jimbaran become one of the popular fishing-spot in Bali. Kedonganan is located around Uluwatu Street which has two types of fishing are basic fishing and surf fishing. One of that is Tegal Wangi Temple where you can do rock fishing. Both of these areas have a similar structure area, so the fish are often found mostly same like barracuda, squid, grouper and rabbit-fishes. The differences between those places are the Kedongan is crowded because this place becomes an anchored fishing boat, but Tegal Wangi is isolated place and quiet place. You should keep the clothes as well as your actions because this spot is near the temple.


Karangasem region located in eastern Bali is famous for sea travel amazingly beautiful. Various sea sports became one of the favorite activities of the tourists who come here. Similarly, the anglers must come here, and the area of Amed and Labuan Amok are famous fishing spot. While in Amed, you will do surf fishing while in Labuan Amok can do basic fishing and surf fishing. Types of fish usually caught barracuda, grouper and pomfret. To achieve both these places from Ngurah Rai airport it takes approximately 2-3 hours by car to the east of Bali.

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is the best place which offer amazing panorama of beaches. You have to cross the Bali Island first to get to the island from Sanur or Padang Bai. Approximately 1-2 hours you will get to this island. The types of fishing that you can do are rock fishing and surf fishing. Fishing in Nusa Penida means let you immersed in the charm of the sea. Various types of fish also can you get here are snapper, barracuda or sharks. Sea water is still very clear with the island offering private sensation will make you feel at home linger fishing here.


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