Another Bali Black Sandy Surfing Beach

Almost similar with Echo Beach, Batu Bolong Beach that located in Canggu Village, Kerobokan District, Badung or about 200 meters adjacent to Echo Beach presents big and dazzling waves for surfing. The magnificent sunset also support this beach become more fascinating. Even, this beach has been the one of famous destination after Kuta that visited by foreign tourists who want surfing. It is also suitable for recreation or relaxes while enjoying the fresh atmosphere that flows from the Indian Ocean.

Batu Bolong Location

To reach this place the tourists have to enter Batu Bolong Street or about 35 km from Ngurah Rai Airport. Besides Surfing, this beach is usually used as Hinduism Ceremony where in front of the beach there are two temples namely Batu Bolong Temple and Luhur Bhujangga Waisnawa Temple. This is the reason this beach has been well known by foreign tourists as the best surfing spot with interesting Hinduism activities.

Place to Held Purifying Ceremony

In certain day like Piodalan Day in one of those temples, the place often visited by Canggu Village society. Furthermore, when there are ceremonies of Melasti, Mendak Pratima, Mesuci and Melukat, the people from outside the village such as Kapuan, Baturiti, Petang and Abiansemal frequently conduct the ceremony in this beach. This ceremony sometimes eye catching the tourists to take some pictures of it.

Black Sandy Surfing Beach

The good access of this place may the tourists stay longer around here to enjoying everything, aside from surfing and conducting ceremonies. The activities in the east side of the beach are fishing. There is a fisherman group named Merta Segara Canggu that still conserved since 1986 when it was legalized. It is still use traditional ship to catch the fishes; it is actually the tourist’s attraction of this beach. surfing Spot Criteria. Batu Bolong Beach has type of wave are powerful and fat wave, it is suitable for beginner up to intermediate surfers, has also 3-6 feet high of wave.

The tourists that want to enjoy surfing can rent surfing board in this beach. If the tourists want to rent surfing board, many place rent the surf board, like long or short board. If they are interesting to use hut, beach clothes or accessories like necklace, bracelets, they can buy in the seller around this beach.


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