Air Sanih – Bali Natural Spring

Buleleng Regency is the historical town, because it had become capital city of Bali on 1885-1958. Buleleng has many amazing tourist destinations like enjoying the nature in Git-git Waterfall, Lovina Beach to see the cute dolphin, the place for learn Balinese Manuscript in Gedong Kertya Museum, and many more. If you want to swim in unique water spring, you should visit Air Sanih Spring.

Air Sanih Spring Location

Air Sanih Spring is located at Raya Air Sanih Street, Kubutambahan District, Buleleng Regency. It is about 3 hours or 92 kilometers from Denpasar City. This tourist object located 17 kilometers eastern part from Singaraja City. During you drive the car or motorcycle, you will pass many amazing panorama of lake and forest. This place is the place to try new sensation of unique water spring. Beside of that, you can enjoy the natural swimming pool.

The Unique of Air Sanih Spring

Air Sanih Spring is located in the edge of Lovina Beach, so it makes this place is unique. Usually, if there is water spring located near beach, the water will be salty, but this water is not salty. The water spring became from the south eastern part of the pool. You will fill the fresh or clearly water and the water doesn’t content the chlorine so doesn’t make your eyes is irritation. Beside of that, you will see the stunning of Lovina Beach directly. So make your holiday was completed.

The situation of this place is very fresh because it surrounded by many big trees. If the holiday comes, this place will be full by the visitor. This place is the best for spending you quality time with your family or you best friend. You will find the Beji Temple which usually the local people conduct the melasti (purifying ceremony). Beside of that, you can visit Beji Temple with awesome Balinese old style architecture. Air Sanih Spring has many facilities such as, lot parking area, clean toilet, locker and food stall.

It is recommended place to visit in The Thousand of Temple Island when you get holiday, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agency. I believe your trip will be awesome and unforgettable experience


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