Molenteng Hill – Nusa Penida

Molenteng Hill is located Pejukutan Village in Nusa Penida Island. This place is one of the destination in Nusa Penida that you must visit when you going for vacation to Nusa Penida. In Molenteng Hill you will find a tree house that called as Batu Molenteng Tree House by the peoples in Nusa Penida, and from the top of the Batu Molenteng Tree House you will see the charming and amazing view of Hindia Ocean.

Molenteng Hill often called as the Raja Ampat of Bali by the tourists because the attraction is similar to the Raja Ampat tourist attraction in Papua. In here you will find several facilities such as a tree house, food stall and convenient gazebo. Since June 2016, this location has been opened as a tourist attraction.

So, are you interested to visit the Tree House in Molenteng Hill and see the beautiful “Raja Ampat” of Bali? If you are interested, you can contact the local travel company in Bali. We advise you to contact Bali Star Island as a reliable travel company on the island of Bali.


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