bali butterfly park, butterfly park tabanan, butterfly park

Bali Butterfly Park – Tabanan Bali

The Largest Educational and Research Object of Butterflies in Southeast Asia

bali butterfly park, butterfly park tabanan, butterfly park

Bali Butterfly Park is a butterfly and insect conservation facility which have a wide range of specimens through its park grounds of approximately 3,000sqm that located in the Tabanan regency, and it’s about 30km northwest of Denpasar. Bali Butterfly Park is claimed as the largest Butterfly Park in Southeast Asia. Continue reading “Bali Butterfly Park – Tabanan Bali”


Kerta Gosa

Kerta Gosa – Bali Heritage Sites For Jurisdiction

Kerta Gosa is one of the famous tourist destinations in Bali. Everyday Kerta Gosa is visited by a lot of tourist who are interested in heritage sites tour. This place is a royal heritage sites for Jurisdiction and the function is for the court of law in 1945. Continue reading “Kerta Gosa”

Best Place Learning About Batur Volcano

Museum is the best place for learning about something new and Bali offer many interesting museum such as Bali Museum in Denpasar, Subak (Irrigation System) Museum in Tabanan, the old script Museum of Gedong Kertya in Buleleng, and many art or painting museum in Gianyar, but this museum is the best place for learning about volcano, there is Batur Volcano Museum. Continue reading “Best Place Learning About Batur Volcano”

5 Gianyar Ancient Sites

Enjoying the Historical and Sacred Place in Gianyar

The Gianyar Regency is the centre of Balinese culture, rich in history and artifacts. Gianyar’s history is arguably the most fascinating in Bali. The town of Gianyar itself is a small administrative town, home to one of the best-preserved palaces on the island, but unfortunately closed to visitors. Besides of that, Gianyar has many amazing ancient site; Continue reading “5 Gianyar Ancient Sites”

Gedong Kirtya Museum

Best Place for Learning Balinese Ancient Manuscript

Lontar is the most iconic and unique manifestations of tangible and intangible cultural heritage preserved on Bali from the past through to the present day. The literature and religious lore of Balinese and ancient Javanese traditions have been reproduced through the centuries via a learned tradition of writing and reading texts on lontar. Continue reading “Gedong Kirtya Museum”

Manusia Purba Museum

The Best Place for Learning the Balinese Early Human

If you need something new in your holiday in Bali, you should try to visit Jembrana. Jembrana is the western part of Bali, it about 4 hours from Denpasar. Jembrana has many unique things, like Mekepung (traditional buffalo race) and Bendu (Sweet light meal). Beside of that, it also offers unique museum. It called Manusia Purba Museum (Early Humans Museum). Continue reading “Manusia Purba Museum”

Batuan Puseh Temple – Amazing Balinese Architecture Temple

Exploring Balinese Architecture in Puseh Temple of Batuan Village

Puseh Temple is Khayangan Tiga Temple. Khayangan Tiga is the concept of temple set on village and consisted by 3 temples, those are Dalem Temple, Desa Temple and Puseh Temple it’s self. This concept is taught by Mpu Kuturan on 10th century to Balinese people at the time. Desa Temple is the place for worshiping Brahma God, Puseh Temple as the worship for Wisnu God and Dalem Temple as the worship for Siwa God. Continue reading “Batuan Puseh Temple – Amazing Balinese Architecture Temple”